Rebranding & Logo Design Questionnaire

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In order for me to put your best foot forward when designing and delivering a brand that will embody you and communicate your story, it’s really important that I absorb and download the subtle (and obvious) things that make you, you!

Please respond to as many of these questions as you are able – as your answers will help me "listen between the lines".

As a professional designer, your new brand and logo won’t be a “design by committee” so it’s up to me to use my judgement to discern what parts of your responses are critical – and what will work together well, so we don’t end up with a complicated multi-headed brand image.

Thanks for taking the time to give this some thought. I hope you find it fun and that your learn something about yourself in the process!

If you don't like web-forms, and would rather handwrite your answers or put them in a Word file - go for it - and send me an email instead.