Graphic Design Services

Print. Collateral. Corporate Identity.

Graphic Design. It’s all around us – every day. From the design of the breakfast cereal box you’ve chosen this morning to the interface design of your favourite iPhone App. Your shoes and clothing are covered in brands and tags. The logo on the vehicle you hop into or the bus time-table you use to find the next bus.

Graphic Design influences our decision making process. It is the methodology of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. A good Graphic Designer understands the hierarchy, subtle nuance and psychology of how humans understand and respond to information.

A good Graphic Designer will present this visual communication in a strategic way to gain the desired outcome from its audience – whether that be understanding an exit sign on a motorway, or choosing which charity to make a donation to.

As you begin to see how pervasive branding and design are, you will also see the need to develop your own graphic presence. Graphic Design is not something that “falls together” but requires intense thought and strategy – taking into account many different and important factors. It can be either the making of an organisation if done well, or the breaking of an organisation if implemented poorly.

Why do you need Creed's Graphic Design services?

The difference between an amatuer and a professional is that a professional can do it again.”
  1. You know you need to improve your organisation’s image and remain competitive and professional in a constantly changing market
  2. You know your branding is inconsistent and does not communicate the trust and reliability you want it to
  3. You haven't actually defined your branding identity, your target market and the values you want to convey
  4. You’ve done all your branding and marketing materials poorly and they are not effective in converting prospects into clients or supporters

To take your organisation to the next level and keep your edge, you need to invest in your future through a consistently implemented Graphic Design strategy.

Other reasons why you’ll need Creed's Graphic Design services are:

  • You don’t have a logo or brand for your organisation
  • You have a logo but it’s looking tired and dated
  • Your business card printer or website designer quickly threw together a logo for you
  • You are considering a marketing campaign or product launch
  • You frequently communicate with clients or supporters
  • You have recently started-up a business or organisation
  • You plan to sell or franchise your business in the future

As the name suggests, Creed Creative Services takes a service based approach to your needs. Creed believes in getting to know you and your organisation firstly, and then understanding what has and hasn’t worked before making any suggestions. Creed is serious about providing return on investment that is measurable.

Creed can help you with the following Graphic Design requirements...

  • Logo & Brand Design
  • A4 Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • 3-fold A4 Brochure Design
  • DLE Flyer Design
  • Newspaper Advert Design
  • Magazine Advert Design
  • Directory Advert Design
  • Billboard Advert Design
  • Point of Sale Material Design
  • Email Newsletter Design
  • Direct Mail Campaign Design
  • Corporate Profile Design
  • Annual Report Design
  • Retail Signage Design
  • Office Signage Design
  • Vehicle & Car Signage Design
  • Book Layout & Design
  • Branded Clothing Design
  • Expo & Display Design
  • Website Interface Design
  • Social Media Page Design
  • Facebook Custom Post Design
  • App UI Design
  • PDF Soft-Copy Literature Design
  • Print Ready PDF Design Export
  • JPG & PNG Design Export
  • Calendars & Wallplanner Design
  • Promotional Product Design
  • Poster & Banner Design

Here's what clients had to say about working with us

Steve Hornblow

Channel Sales Manager
Microsoft New Zealand

Henoch has completely exceeded our expectations with his creative concepts and ideas. This creativity has been highly valued and recognised by our clients, as well as ourselves, and has therefore delivered significant value to our business! I enthusiastically refer Henoch Kloosterboer to you not only due to the quality of the services provided, but with acknowledgement of the professional manner and gentle humour that makes Henoch such a pleasure to do business with.”
— General Manager – Day One Digital Media