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In order for me to put your best foot forward when designing and delivering a website that will embody you and communicate your story, it’s really important that I absorb and download the subtle (and obvious) things that make you, you!

Please respond to as many of these questions as you are able – as your answers will help me "listen between the lines".

If you don't like web-forms, and would rather handwrite your answers or put them in a Word file - go for it - and send me an email instead.

Please provide us with the following if you are able:

► Images suitable for use in the website banners. These ideally should be horizontal images. If you haven’t any suitable images you can select and purchase images from,, or similar royalty free photo websites. Alternatively we can arrange a photographer for you.

► Your high resolution logo in either .PDF, .EPS or high res .JPG files.

► Any details you feel we should know that we have omitted to ask.

► Once you have your files together, please use to send these to us, to our email address,

► Alternatively, put files on a USB Stick or similar. Email is also suitable for files 20MB or smaller.